Employee Benefits

"successful companies have a well structured employee benefit program that is critical to the continued growth in an increasingly competitive market place."

In our current economic climate employers are constantly facing the challenges of enhancing their employee benefit program whilst also securing a reduction in overall costings.

A well structured employee benefit program can improve productivity, increase employee loyalty and position your company as an employer of choice and market leader within your industry.

  • Is your company maximising your emplyee benefits budget spend within today’s challenging economic climate ?
  • Is your current employee benefits program competitive within the marketplace to retain and attract key employees ?

We work closely with our clients to provide the most effective outcomes to these questions, we have a successful track record of providing innovative, market leading employee benefits solutions to a wide cross section of the Australian market place.

In order to stay competitive within the market place we advise our clients focus on the following strategies:

Market benchmarking and cost analysis

A market analysis inclusive of benchmarking and cost analysis evaluations, will help an employer understand the current trends from the market place. This evaluation will provide an insight into the different structural options that are avaialble to your employee benefits program.

Employee Communications

Communication is the key driver in relation to an employee’s satisfaction of their employers employee benefit program. Effective communication creates awareness and increases employee satisfaction, this in turn can increase employee retention, increase productivity and decrease absenteeism.